Basketball Wives LA Season 3 Episode 5 (Full Episode)


Watch Basketball Wives LA Season 3 Episode 5 (Full Episode)




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  1. Jackie needs to get a life she stay begging for friends. Someone needs to punch her in her damn face her old ass always stirring up some shit. She’s just mad because Draya is that girl and she not and never was.

  2. Sundy’s edges seem a lil stressed lol..And got the nerve to talk about people

  3. Jackie christe is th the fakest 2 face person I’ve seen. I really tried to like her. 1st season I actually felt bad for her, but now I see she is all of what they said and some. She should be hit in the mouth. I cant stand a messy ♥♥itch. Britsh is just young and Ignorant, and needs an etiquette teaching on how to act like a classy successful black woman.

  4. vodlocker link?