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Vivica A. Fox talks “celebrity kisses” on The Arsenio Hall Show

I had no clue that Vivica Fox and Arsenio Hall had a sitcom back in the 90’s and I’m usually pretty up on my shows, but then again there were so many dope television shows back then that it was probably kind of tough for those two to thrive as a sitcom couple when they have to compete with the likes of Gina and Martin or even Fancy and Jamie from The Jamie Fox Show, so I’m sure that show was doomed before it even started. Peep out a clip of the pilot episode…

Even with an axed sitcom in the history books Vivica Fox has gone on to become an established actress and businesswoman while Hall is now once again locking down late nights with the re-launch of The Arsenio Hall Show, the two recently linked back up on the show to chop it up and it was pretty interesting to say the least..Peep it out.

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