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Tamar Braxton’s “The Real” talk show gets cancelled, hosts give a tearful on-air goodbye (video)

This news isn’t very surprising to me but it definitely have come a lot sooner than I anticipated, it has been confirmed that the yap-fest that was “The Real” have officially gotten the axe after their summer trial run on Fox.  Even though I knew the show was doomed from the very start due to my disdain for the very unfunny comedienne Loni Love who for what ever reason always manages to make it on television with her corny jokes and all, her along with the twin from Sister 2 Sister who I’ve always found to be super-corny both together on the same show was a recipe for disaster.

The Asian girl was weird and Tamar’s music career have skyrocketed to new heights and is much more promising than sitting on a panel gossiping and neck-twisting for people’s entertainment. I prefer The View myself….just saying.

Pop the top to watch the hosts give their tearful good-bye…


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  1. The comment you made about the show was hateful and corny to say. Then suggest people view their tearful goodbye…come on son! Hope this show gets picked up just to give you HATERS something to continue to be mad about.


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