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R&B Divas LA Episode 6 (Full Episode)


 R&B Divas LA Episode 6 (Full Episode)



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Posted on 08/15/2013, in ENTERTAINMENT NEWS and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. It is about time that Mo broke. She should’ve done that a minute ago. This is crazy! Kelly is a nut and Dawn is a whimp.

  2. Kelly, Kelly, Kelly…smh

  3. I have no respect for Kelly or Dawn. I’m done.

  4. Mo was not having it! I appreciate her honesty about it all. Kelly showed a side that the public should have never known. You’re last recent ventures was gospel. Really tho!! Cut it out. I guess that was the plot for the season? Like Mo said “this is real life”. All that shit done for T.V by Kelly is sad. Just for rating looks like Kelly lost a real friend. SO SAD!!


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