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WATCH: Nene Leakes moves forward on her quest to be a talk show host with ‘Fab Gab’ Episode 3

I have to say that the thought of Nene Leakes as a talk show host is kinda frightening, I imagine it being sort of like The Wendy Williams Show but even more scarier.. And the network’s seem to share the same hesitation since they appear to be making Leakes pound the pavement to prove that she has what it takes to carry her own talk show by first launching her own bootleg yap fest ‘Fab Gab’ online and seeing how much interest she can drum up..

Check out episode 3 under the hood…

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WATCH: Sidney Starr gives an update on the filming of VH1’s new Tyra Banks led transgendered reality show ‘Transamerica’

VH1 has a lot of controversial reality shows coming down the pipeline in 2015 so it’s clear that they plan to milk any taboo urban sub-culture for every dollar that it’s worth while also making a few unknowns into TV stars overnight, one of the more current projects that they have brewing is the upcoming Tyra Banks produced series ‘Transamerica’ that’s in the midst of filming as we speak and set to hit VH1’s ratchet TV line-up soon..

Get an update on ‘Transamerica’ from Sidney Starr after the jump…

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WATCH: Ms Dee and The Dancing Dolls are ready to bring their blazin battles back to the small screen with a brand new season of ‘Bring It’

Dianna Williams and her Dancing Dolls have single-handedly put the southern Hip Hop majorette style of dance on the mainstream map by using their hit Lifetime reality show ‘Bring It’ to showcase some of the dopest dance teams from across the southeastern region, and now locked and loaded with a January 23rd premiere date for the brand new season you can expect to see a few new girls as well as a some new ratchet dance moms to shake things up…

Peel back the lid to check out the new trailer for the upcoming season of ‘Bring It’..

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