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After The First 48 – “Last Words” (Full Episode)


Watch After The First 48 – “Last Words” (Full Episode)


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BLAZIN CLIP: Get a glimpse behind the scenes at The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 6 Reunion

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After filming for what was said to be in the ballpark of 18 hours for The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 6 Reunion show that’s set to air April 20th I guess it would be safe to say that pretty much any and everybody had a chance to get their points across and speak their minds thoroughly…. and in one case give a thorough beat down. 


But before all of the drama popped off and the ladies were all dolled up for showtime, Bravo’s camera’s caught up with the RHOA crew backstage as they prepared to hit the stage…

Lift the lid to check out some behind the scenes footage from The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion…

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Chi-Town’s fresh batch of bad girls are on deck, check out the new explosive extended previews for Bad Girls Club Chicago Season 12

Bad Girls Club - Season 12

Chi-Town’s hearty new batch of bad girls are more than ready to scratch and claw their way to ratings success, and with the May 15th premiere already locked and loaded you can expect to see a lot more of Alex, Alyssa, Aysia, Britt, Jada, Jonica, and Loren on the airwaves throughout the Spring…


To get a taste of what the ladies will be stirring up this season hop inside to peep out the explosive extended clips from the upcoming season and more…

Sneak Peek of Bad Girls Club Houston Season 12 Episode 1 under the hood…

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: ‘Moesha’ star Countess Vaughn hits up ‘The Doctors’ talk show to reveal how lace front wigs damaged her scalp and killed her self esteem

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Most folks would be familiar with actress Countess Vaughn from her roles on ‘Moesha’ and ‘The Parkers’ but after the lights went out on her hit Mo’Nique assisted sitcom Vaughn have remained relatively silent and out of the spotlight…


So where the hell has she been? She has quite a story to tell about her journey over the years since her days on the small screen and it definitely isn’t peaches and cream…

Lift the lid to watch Countess Vaughn’s horrid tale of the busted weave that severely damaged her scalp and almost ended her career…

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Teyana Taylor dusts off her sangin’ chops and silences critics with the release her new banger ‘Sorry’


I don’t think that there is another chick in the game that has more swag than Teyana Taylor, she pretty much owns that lane hands down… Besides having a bangin body and blazin style game, Taylor also have a Amel Larrieux/Lauryn Hill hybrid pair of vocal chops that could run circles around most of your favorite pop queens.. and in a move to put that skill on display Teyana drops her new joint “Sorry” which is pretty dope, peep it out…

Keyshia Cole taps in to her sexy side and softens it up in the new video for her latest joint ‘Next Time’


These R&B chicks have a bad habit of running around doing a million interviews swooning over their new boyfriends, husbands, and engagements… Then when the sh*t hits the fan within a couple of years after they have a baby like it always does, their left with egg on their faces and never seem to be able to reach the heights of their prior success for some reason…


But one good thing that we can always count on to come out of their turmoil is some better quality R&B joints with a lil more substance and emotion, in most cases it takes a bit of heartache for certain artists to push of that heat and Keyshia Cole’s new joint ‘Next Time’ is one of those joints that was a result of such heart break. Now with her new album ‘Point Of No Return’ on deck for a 2014 release Cole just gave the bittersweet banger the video treatment…

Pop the top to peep out Keyshia Cole’s new video for ‘Next Time’…

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The First 48 – ‘Fallen idol’ and ‘Jacked’ (Full Episode)


Watch The First 48 – ‘Fallen idol’ and ‘Jacked’


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In a new candid interview Nikko Smith and MiMi Faust give their thoughts on the massive impact of their porno tape and the skyrocketing sales of shower curtain rods


Is Mimi Faust the next Kim Kartrashian?… That’s what most folks have been asking lately, and to be honest I can’t really tell if it’s a compliment or an insult. Camera’s caught up with the freaky couple at the airport recently and while Mimi remained coy about the whole meelee Nikko Smith was more than happy to chat it up with the camera’s and get in his two cents, Smith even made sure to ask for feedback on his stellar performance


News outlets everywhere have been reporting that the sales for shower rods have skyrocketed since the release of the preview for their porno and that Home Depot and Lowes have been scrambling to keep up with the demand… I guess we’ll all never look at shower curtain rods the same again.


Jump inside to check out MiMi and Nikko’s candid interview with TMZ…

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In his first live performance since being released from prison Lil Boosie murders the stage in Nashville


After catfighting with Keshia Chante on 106 & Park and beefing with Trey Songz, August Alsina sits down with Sway Calloway to explain his outburst


The male Rihanna himself is out trying to promote an album and what better way to do it than to catfight with a fellow bird chested crooner that sings better than you eh? Or even better, how about catfighting with a host of a teen music video TV show? Well I guess maybe if a new artist can at least break 100K within the first week of release on the heels of a beef then it’ll all be worth it right? Didn’t happen…time for a new publicist.


I don’t think that the whole microwaved cat sound ever sells well anyways but who knows… In an effort to provide some clarification for his recent public tantrums August Alsina sat down with Sway Calloway for a new interview, I figured that his massive fanbase of 13-year-old girls would want to hear it so here it goes…

Lift the lid to check out August Alsina’s new interview with Sway Calloway…

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Diamond calls out Lil Scrappy as a “bitch ass n*gga”, disses Momma Dee, opens up about her relationship with Soulja Boy, and talk “Sisterhood Of Hip Hop” with The Breakfast Club


The Oxygen Network have been swarming around the city over the past few weeks following the lives of femcee’s Siya, Nyemiah Supreme, Diamond, Brianna Perry and Bia for the T.I. produced reality series “Sisterhood Of Hip Hop” and now as it nears closer to the end of production the cast is starting to hit the airwaves to get the word out. Off the top I have to say that Brianna Perry is hands down the dopest on the list, we can start there… But another one of the obvious standout’s from the cast lineup is Crime Mobb’s Diamond who have managed to successfully brand herself as a solo artist outside of her group and has maintained a decent fan base overtime…


I’ve seen Diamond a lot around town over the years and one thing that I can definitely cosign is that she’s always dressed fresh, new hair style, and driving some fly rental car…Now the rapstress is ready to take her career to the next level and what better way than to hop on the ratchet reality TV train eh? Even though she turned down the offer to be on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Diamond opens up to The Breakfast Club about what made her change her mind about doing reality TV and what to expect from her on “Sisterhood Of Hip Hop”, she later goes on to chop it up about that “bitch ass nigga” Lil Scrappy and her failed relationship with Soulja Boy…

Peep out Diamond’s interview with The Breakfast Club under the hood…

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Porsha Williams surrenders herself to authorities in designer threads and full makeup, immediately released on $2,000 bail


After Kenya Moore pulled a fast one by pressing charges against Porsha Williams following their reunion catfight Williams is now intent on spinning this whole humiliating public meelee in her favor by not only filing her own battery charges against Kenya, but also by showing up to the Fulton County jail flossing high-end designer threads with her hair beauty salon fresh, and rocking a full face of makeup making sure that she was camera ready for the occasion…


I’m sure that her walking into the jail house looking like she’s about to do the cover of Maxim comes from the fact that she was well aware that her mugshot was going to be plastered across media outlets across the country today and throughout the weekend, so it was a smart strategic move that quickly flipped the conversation from being about her arrest to being more so about how bangin her mug shot is. TMZ reports that Porsha turned herself in shortly after midnight Thursday and was quickly released on $2,000 bail, and to add even more swag to her pimp style jail booking Williams made sure to pay her bail in cash before exiting the venue. 


Scandal Season 3 Episode 18 (Full Episode)


Watch Scandal Season 3 Episode 18 – Season Finale (Full Episode)


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‘Bring It’ Season 1 Episode 7 (Full Episode)


Watch ‘Bring It’ Season 1 Episode 7 – ‘Battle for Jackson’ (Full Episode)


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‘Love In The City’ stars Kiyah Wright, Bershan Shaw, Chenoa Maxwell and Tiffany Jones chop it up with The Breakfast Club


After the massive success of Bravo’s ‘Blood, Sweat, & Heel’s’ reality series Oprah’s OWN Network decided that they wanted to get in on the whole “black career woman mixed with a smidge of ratchet” hybrid formula that worked so well, I guess they see it as a gradual transition from the typical hot-headed black woman images that have been coasting in the mainstream for years causing the Ebony Magazine and Essence crowd to have their granny panties all in a bunch…


So in efforts to keep the outrage down from the sensitive folks and also give the ratchet crowd what they need to bring in the ratings, the networks are now seemingly looking for a healthy balance between the two… Well, some of them. ‘Love In The City’ stars Kiyah Wright, Bershan Shaw, Chenoa Maxwell and Tiffany Jones recently hit up The Breakfast Club top chop it up about what you can expect from the season and also answer the question that’s been on everybody’s mind… Who the hell are these chicks?

Lift the lid to check out The Breakfast Club’s interview with the ladies of ‘Love In The City’….

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Shonda Rhimes battle it out with pissed ‘Scandal’ fans and actor Columbus Short pours wine on his wife and puts a knife to her throat


With the season finale of Scandal airing tonight there is more of a storm brewing off-screen than it is on-screen as news begin to circulate about outraged Scandal fans going HAM on the show creator Shonda Rhimes over what their calling the “physical abuse” of Olivia Pope by men throughout the season, but that’s just where the Scandal outrage begins…


On the heels of Shonda receiving a verbal beatdown on social networking is the disappointing news that actor Columbus Short allegedly went HAMburger on his wife recently over a rumored affair by pouring wine on her after pretending like he was about to hit her with the bottle, he then put a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her… 

Pop the top for more on these stories…

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Kandi Burruss discuss the Porsha and Kenya fight, her bachelorette party, and reveals that Mama Joyce is still beefing with Todd on The Bethenny Show


With her new wedding spin-off show on Bravo in the pipeline and her play ‘A Mother’s Love’ now on DVD, Kandi Burruss is in a chatty mood and decided to hit up The Bethenny Show to chop it up about all of the controversy that has been surrounding her recent wedding ceremony, Mama Joyce’s ongoing beef with her husband that’s still very much intact, and the Candler road style brawl between her castmates Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart


Peel back the lid to peep out Kandi’s new interview on The Bethenny Show…

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Rapper cuts off his dick and jumps from a second story balcony in an attempted suicide


As a man I have to say that what’s been swangin’ between my legs since birth have to be the most precious thing on earth, he’s always there when I need him, he makes me feel good when I’m stressed, and even though he can be extra firm and long-winded at times he’s never had any complaints or let me down…


So I’m sitting here trying to figure out why any man would want to cut his dick off? What level of mental turmoil or emotional distress can cause a man to get rid of the one thing that’ll make him and others feel good? I’ve smoked some of the best green from ATL to Mars and I’ve never been trippin on anything so hard that I felt the need to pull my pistol out to cut him off…nope. But recently Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Andre Johnson aka ‘Christ Bearer’ did just that, then followed it up by jumping out of a second story building in Hollyweird…

Hop inside to watch eye witnesses ‘Rugged Monk’ and ‘Crisis Tha Sharpshooter’ from the group Black Knights detail the madness…

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The Bad Girls Club – ‘Funniest Bad Girls Of All Time Special’ (Full Episode)


Watch The Bad Girls Club – ‘Funniest Bad Girls Of All Time Special’ (Full Episode)


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Naomi Campbell’s The Face Season 2 Episode 7 (Full Episode)


Watch Naomi Campbell’s The Face Season 2 Episode 7 (Full Episode)


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Porsha Williams faces 1 year in jail after being slapped with assault charges following her brawl with Kenya Moore, warrant issued for her arrest


Sh*t just got real over in The Real Housewives Of Atlanta camp as Georgia law officials set their sights on Porsha Williams after footage of her scrap at the bougie Biltmore Hotel landed in their lap courtesy of Kenya Moore, Moore topped off the private viewing session by pressing charges against Williams for assault/misdemeanor battery...


After playing tug-of-war with Kenya’s hair during the filming of the reunion show Porsha is now facing 1 year in jail and a $1,000 fine…

Lift the lid for more on this news…

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