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R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3 Episode 1 (Full Episode)


Watch R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3 Episode 1 (Full Episode)

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Following a petition being launched to have Sundy Carter kicked off of Basketball Wives LA, Executive Producer Shaunie O’Neal responds


I’ve noticed that the fans of most these ratchet reality shows sometimes take this stuff waaaaaay too seriously and unfortunately I think this is once again one of those times where you just want to tell folks to SFTU. The latest uproar comes from out of the Basketball Wives LA camp where fans of Brandi Maxielle are damn near in tears over Sundy Carter’s latest cancer disses and have collectively launched a petition to have the feisty Carter ousted from the BBWLA franchise, feeling the heat from fans executive producer Shaunie O’Neal took to Twitter to give her thoughts on it…

This madness also sits on the heels of recent news circulating that THREE of the Atlanta Housewives have officially gotten the boot from Bravo and will not be appearing on season 7 of RHOA, allegedly the final season 7 contracts have already been signed, sealed, and delivered…

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WATCH: Trill Entertainment/Nashville Takeover Vlog – Lil Boosie and Young Buck takes you behind the scenes as they murder the mall and hit the studio

Mama Joyce hits up V103 with Kandi and responds to theft allegations, gives her thoughts as to why Xscape broke up, and opens up on why she feels people are dissing Fantasia


During The Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion part 2 the gloves are off as Mama Joyce takes to the stage and pretty much goes HAM on everybody in site, her main target in particular was Cynthia Bailey who quickly apologized to Joyce in efforts to make things right but before the ladies could hash out their riff Kandi Burruss jumped in the convo slamming her mother as somewhat of a thief with a gambling problem…


After the clip of Kandi’s revelation started to make its rounds jaws dropped in disbelief at what they were hearing, not only were people shocked that Burruss was actually calling out her mother…but they were even more shocked at what she was calling her out about. Now in response to the controversy mother and daughter slid through ATL’s V103 to try to clear the air and also discuss everything from Fantasia’s outburst at Kandi’s wedding to Latocha Scott being the reason that Xscape broke up…

Pop the top to check out Kandi and Mama Joyce’s new interview with V103…

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‘This is Hot 97′ Season 1 Episode 4 (Full Episode)


Watch ‘This is Hot 97‘ Season 1 Episode 4 (Full Episode)

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Let’s Stay Together Season 4 Episode 8 (Full Episode)


Watch Let’s Stay Together Season 4 Episode 8 (Full Episode)

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In their first sit down interview since the release of their porno tape Nikko Smith and Mimi Faust responds to the public backlash and Stevie J’s feelings about it


With the premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 locked and loaded for a May 5th premiere you can bet that we’re just scratching the surface as it pertains to this whole Nikko and MiMi porn tape that’s been making its way around the net, we can still expect to see Faust bawling her eyes out over the decision to make the tape as well as Stevie J giving Nikko Smith that Muhammed Ali action just for starters…

But in a new interview Mimi says that the one thing that we won’t see is how the tape’s release is effecting her nieces and daughter who she says may face the biggest backlash as a result of the madness, but points out that the decision was made with all factors considered. I have my copy of the flick and have reviewed it a few times and I only have one quesion… Are those surgery incisions showing underneath Mimi’s boobs that I seen are was it just that good southside green that I was smoking on? Eh, who knows… 

Pop the top to check out Mimi and Nikko’s new revealing interview…

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Phaedra Parks and Quad Webb slides through ‘Watch What Happens Live’ and give their thoughts on the RHOA reunion fight “Kenya talk the talk but can’t walk the walk..”


Married to Medicine stunner Quad Webb and Phaedra Parks hit up Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live‘ recently to chat with Andy Cohen about the epic tussle between Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams at The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 6 reunion and even though the ladies say that thy are against violence, they make it perfectly clear they feel that some beatdowns are justified…


Phaedra opens up about the convo that her and Porsha had prior to the reunion warning her about being provoked, while Quad chimed in making the point that if you can’t “walk the walk then don’t talk the talk”

Lift the lid to check out some of Quad and Phaedra’s appearance on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live”….

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BLAZIN CLIP: Mama Joyce goes HAM on Cynthia Bailey as Kandi calls her mother out as a gambler and a thief on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Part 2


Watch the explosive clip of Mama Joyce flipping out on Cynthia Bailey and demanding an apology over recent comments that Bailey made about her trying to use her daughter Kandi Burruss for money, but the tables are quickly turned on Joyce as Kandi then calls out her mother as a gambler who used her personal info to stack up credit cards in her name causing her to put her mother on a payment plan

Pop the top to check out the extended preview for The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 6 Reunion Part 2…

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BLAZIN PHOTOS: Nicki Minaj murders the red carpet at the premiere for ‘The Other Woman’

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Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX blazes the ‘Good Morning America’ stage with a live performance of “Fancy”


When Ryan Seacrest announced not too long ago that he was currently filming a reality show surrounding the lives of white female rappers everybody instantly barked that the show should have been spear-headed by femcee Iggy Azalea who have been somewhat at the top of the totem pole as far as ratchet rapping white girls are concerned… But instead of Ryan choosing KreayShawn, Lil Debbie, V-Nasty, or Iggy Azalea he decided to go with a batch of lessor known MC’s to bring his ratchet reality show fantasy to life…


Even though she doesnt have a massive Ryan Seacrest backed reality show under her belt Iggy is still pushing on with the release of her debut album ‘The New Classic’ which is currently murdering Itunes and also hit up ‘Good Morning America’ to deliver a live performance of her joint “Fancy”, peep it out below…

Nicki Minaj says “Hell No” to any new ‘Super Bass’ type of songs, opens up about wearing her natural hair and her new album


Cameron Diaz and Nicki Minaj’s new flick ‘The Other Woman’ hits theaters this weekend and Minaj is kicking off her promo with a sit down interview with MTV where she speaks about her role in the movie and her upcoming album…


Even though she broke a lot of haters faces earlier this year when she revealed that she actually was not bald headed under wigs as her detractors had hoped, Nicki later reveals to MTV that her decision to go natural had nothing to do with her haters at all but was indeed a planned strategic move….

Pop the top to check out Nicki Minaj’s new interview with MTV…

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BLAZIN CLIP: Backstage at the Basketball Wives LA Season 3 reunion the ladies reveal what their biggest regrets are from the season

Season 3 of Basketball Wives LA have wrapped up and while it seems as if the ladies have already gotten all of the hostility out of their systems throughout the season by way of black eye’s and cancer disses then your going to be pretty shocked when you see how wild and crazy the reunion show played out recently…

But before the ladies hit the stage to go claw at each other they chopped it up with VH1 cameras backstage and revealed what their biggest regrets from the season were..Oh yeah, and Jackie Christie throws in an extra 2 cents about wanting to pimp slap Malaysia…

Peel back the lid to check out some of the behind the scenes interviews from the BBWLA Season 3 Reunion…

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With R&B Divas LA Season 2 on ice Lil Mo Drops her new mixtape ‘No Shit Sherlock’, listen to the full mixtape


Over the past few weeks R&B songbird Lil Mo have been dropping a series of remixes to some of today’s hottest joints to feed her fans appetites and to also give folks a taste of what to expect from her new mixtape ‘No Shit Sherlock’, with the split from her husband and divorce all set to play out on R&B Divas LA Season 2 this Spring you can take ‘No Shit Sherlock’ as just a warm up to whats to come..

Listen to Lil Mo’s full ‘No Shit Sherlock” mixtape under the hood…

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BLAZIN PHOTOS: Eve and her crew turn up for her Bachelorette party

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Kenya Moore Issues an open letter in response to pressing criminal charges against Porsha Williams, Kandi pleads to have the charges dropped via Instagram


There are 3 total parts to The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion this year but before folks can move on to address the explosive Chuck Smith, Christopher Williams, and Apollo Nida drama from the season they want clarity on this whole Kenya Moore vs Porsha Williams controversy that have been picking up more steam since the airing of the reunion. Moore recently pressed criminal charges against Porsha following their hair-pulling fiasco possibly putting her on the chopping block for up to 1 year in jail if convicted, and the good ol folks over at Bravo is said to be in discussions on whether to give the ‘wife’ the boot from the show or not following her meltdown…


Recently starring in Kandi’s “A Mother’s Love” stage play Porsha have the full support of Kandi Burruss as she recently took to Twitter and lit it up with the hashtags #FreePorsha #KenyaDropTheCharges #TheyBetterBringPorshaBackSeason7 #WhyYouCallThePoPoe #StopTheMadness #WatchOverMe and even released a Instagram video in honor of their friendship with a track of Porsha singing as the backdrop…

Peel back the lid to read Kenya Moore’s official open letter and to check out the Kandi Burruss Instagram video response…

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‘MiMi & Nikko: Scandal In Atlanta’ breaks records as the most bootlegged porn in history, Vivid Entertainment issues over 1,000 websites take down notices threatening legal action


ATL just found our new Stevie J and Joseline for the summer in the form of Nikko Smith and Mimi Faust who have been spending the past few months running around town hitting up pretty much every local event flexin’, and since these reality stars are usually paid an appearance fee just to show up to these parties it should be safe to say that Mimi and Nikko are going to be collecting a lot of checks this summer being the new “must have” couple. Stevie J and his gender-bending wifey Joseline bragged about how much money they made together during their club run last year but now as their popularity starts to fizzle in light of this new porno controversy I’m guessing that their pockets are going to be a tad bit lighter this season

“MiMi & Nikko: Scandal In Atlanta” broke records as the most pre-ordered porn in history with orders to the tune of $400,000 but that’s not the only crown it’s been awarded… the ratchet rump also now goes down in history as the most bootlegged porn in history as folks scramble to get their hands on it. But Vivid isnt taking the bootlegging too lightly and has sent over 1,000 websites take down notices demanding that the content is removed, and they have a legal dream team on deck that’s more than ready to lay the smackdown to those who don’t comply. It’s being said that Mimi was paid $100,000 by Vivid Entertainment for her appearance which is peanuts and bread crumbs after taxes, but Vivid is poised to make millions off of it and the sales of curtain rods have skyrocketed to the moon so it’s clear who the real winners are in this. Oh yeah, I already have my copy

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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Episode 10 (Full Episode)


Watch RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Episode 10 (Full Episode)

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Black Ink Crew Season 2 Episode 17 (Full Episode)


Watch Black Ink Crew Season 2 Episode 17 (Full Episode)

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The Boondocks Season 4 Episode 1 (Full Episode)


Watch The Boondocks Season 4 Episode 1 (Full Episode)

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